You love your children so much and you're afraid that you'll "mess up" somehow. You have spent so much time battling, worrying and judging yourself. But there's another way!

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"Sharon Koshy is a wonderful coach who skillfully helps clients connect with themselves to find their sense of purpose and discover their own vision for their life."  

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Oprah's favorite parenting expert, clinical psychologist, & New York Times Bestselling Author of 'The Conscious Parent' and 'The Awakened Family' )

I'm Sharon and I work with parents who want to feel better, create a better relationship with their children, and help themselves and their children thrive. 

I love, love, love helping people. I truly believe that anyone can create the life that they want - that they dream of - I love working with people to help them with that. I love digging deep, helping people get unstuck, and moving toward what they want. I know this is possible because I have done it myself.

What I have learned from watching children, especially my own, is that we come into this world already feeling good about ourselves, feeling whole, and knowing that we are worthy. Then we lose it! It is so important to get back to that place and remember that - you matter. The time to do that is NOW because your children are watching you and learning from you NOW - they take in everything and model your behavior. You only have a few precious years until they are all grown up and off on their own - it truly passes by so fast!

You want to raise confident, resilient, and thriving children. You want to feel that you're doing a good job as parent, want to be appreciated, and want harmony in your home. 

But more than anything you want a real connection with your children. 

It's time to become and feel like the parent that you've always wanted to be and know you can be! 

After transforming my relationship with my children and helping others do the same, right now I know you are:  

  • Tired of going through the motions of your daily life
  • Feeling worn out and fed up
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Feeling guilt and shame because of how you react and how you feel
  • Feeling unappreciated and unloved
  • Feeling like parenting is a constant battle
  • Worried that things might spiral out of control
  • Worried that you don't want to ruin your relationship with your children
  • Constantly judging and blaming yourself 
  • Worried that you will "ruin"/"mess up" your children

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place. I've totally got your back!

In fact, this is the story of most parents that I have met. As a parent, I totally get it.

Your day is just filled with running from one thing to the next, it feels like there's just not enough time for anything because of all the things that you are juggling. You just feel like - this is not what life should be like, there must be something more, I must be doing something wrong. You live in fear that you will mess up this parenting thing really badly.

You wake up in the morning thinking - "Today is a new day. It will be better. I will do better. I can do this." Then your kids roll their eyes, have an attitude, and you can't accomplish what you wanted to for the day. Then you just snap! It seems to you that no matter what you do it's not good enough, you feel unseen and unappreciated, and you just want to give up.

Let's not kid ourselves - you and I both know that you can't keep doing and feeling the way that you do.

You've probably already read books, taken online courses, and have tried your best to figure out a solution but to no avail.

But despite your best intentions, you find yourself slipping back into old unhealthy patterns and you don't understand why.

Just imagine:

  • - Feeling happy about spending time with your children 
  • - Feeling confident as a parent and as a person
  • - Ending the power struggles
  • - Feeling grounded, open, and aligned 
  • - Feeling good in your body 
  • - Feeling good about your life 
  • - Having an awesome, mutually fulfilling relationship with your children 
  • - Thriving yourself and watching your children thrive
  • - Raising confident, resilient children

Feels Amazing, Right?

But you only get these kind of results when you start investing in yourself, the same way that you invest in your children. Are you ready to do that?

Introducing 'Back to Connection' a 1:1 Coaching Program for heart centered parents who want change NOW! During this 12 week journey you will get a program uniquely designed for you to meet your needs, where I will show you how to:

- get clear on what you really want to create in your parenting and life

- overcome hidden blocks that hold you back from getting what you want 

- provide strategies to get you where you want to go

- reconnect to yourself and your inner knowing, so you can parent with confidence 

- ongoing support from me to hold you accountable, so that you stay consistently aligned and progress 

I created this program for parents like you, who recognize that to be the best parent they can be, they need to take care of themselves and invest in themselves as much as they do with their children.  

As a mom of three, I recognized the importance of developing successful parental habits, so that I could thrive and in turn my children could thrive.  

I knew that in order to raise confident, resilient, thriving children, I needed to cultivate that in myself first. I also knew that the time I have with my children is limited because they grow up so fast, so I had to act NOW in order to cultivate a meaningful connected relationship with them.

In contrast to many other coaching programs, this program is designed for the unique challenges that you face as a parent and as a person.

You won't have to waste time trying to explain to me what parenting is because I already get it. I am a mom of three amazing children and I know just how demanding this parenting journey can be. 

By the time our work together is done, you'll recognize that it's just as important to continually invest in yourself as it is to invest in your children.

I've designed this program so that you can get access to all the guidance, information, and accountability you need to help you get to where you want to be and you won't need to spend time searching for cookie cutter solutions for your unique needs.

To guarantee that I provide the level of high quality support required to help you create lasting change in your parenting and your life, I only work with a limited number of clients at any one time. 

Right now I have a limited number of spots open in my calendar for my one on one program and they are going fast! 

Click below to see if one of those spots could be yours by messaging me. 

Say YES to yourself. Invest in your future with your children by investing in YOU - begin your journey. It's your time NOW! Do not wait another moment to live your life and be the best parent you can be!

Yes, I am so ready! Let's talk!


“Sharon Koshy is an incredible being. She is a very talented coach who not only has insight and sensitivity, but also the knowledge and the patience required in the process of coaching. I highly recommend working with Sharon, for those of you seeking to raise consciousness, to heal and to evolve.” - Luciana

“Sharon Koshy has helped me transform my life. I didn't plan on re-wiring my mind or revisiting my life's history, ever.I lived in a world where I thought life was happening to me and I had no say or control over it. Sharon helped me see for myself that I was only living a story that I chose to believe in about myself, and it wasn't even true. I exist, I matter, I absolutely am an amazing soul and being on this planet! I wasn't planning on evolving in this way but the reward of no longer fearing life's challenges and mental difficulties alone have put me on top of the world. On top of the world along with all the people of planet earth for us all to marvel at one another and bask together in all it's magnificence and beauty! Thank You Sharon Koshy for reintroducing me to my life's true passion once again, Myself!” - Elbe

"Working with you gave me courage-something I never thought I lacked, but when I viewed my person objectively, I saw that I was not embracing the best 'me' possible- I was unfocused, disorganized and distracted, because I was unhappy with my state." - Sheri